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Why Advance Groups?

Advance Groups has focused its efforts on developing web hosting packages and services tailor-made for the needs of small- and medium-sized companies. Advance Groups understands that entrepreneurs don’t want to build an IT department in the back room – they want to run their own business. And yet, entrepreneurs do want to be in charge of their online presence and benefit from having a simple, “point and click” way to manage their website.

Advance Groups has found a way to make top-notch Internet solutions, such as geographic load balancing and instantly scalable bandwidth, affordable for small and medium-sized business. Couple that with customer-centered support and technical assistance.

Business Solutions


Domain Name Services

Having an Internet presence is becoming a crucial ingredient of success in today's business world. More than 20,000 domains a day are registered on the Internet.

When your company decides to develop an eBusiness, Advance Groups can help you take the first step by registering your domain name.

Our process is fast and economical. You are added to the Domain Name Registration database within your and the cost is only Rs. 500 a year – much less than the Rs. 600 to Rs. 700 many hosting companies charge.


Share Hosting

Shared Hosting packages are designed to meet the needs of the websites of most small- to medium-sized businesses. In Shared Hosting, your website is housed on a server with other websites.

Advance Groups offers Shared Hosting customers many top level features, such as guaranteed 99.99 percent uptime, that are usually only available in higher-priced, Dedicated Server packages.


Dedicated Server

Larger businesses and those with more complex needs may want to move to Dedicated Servers. With Dedicated Servers, your company or organization has a server all to itself. A dedicated server gives you increased speed, flexibility, control, ability to handle site traffic and room to grow.

A Managed Dedicated Servers package includes installation, configuration and 24-7 monitoring of your server. Advance Group's state-of-the-art Data Centers in Mumbai (VSNL), provide unparalleled performance, availability and top security for their 50,000 dedicated server customers throughout India.


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