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Advance Groups Consulting Services

Advance Groups software consultancy currently specialises in the following areas:

  • Internet strategy, E-commerce strategy and Electronic Business strategy

  • Web site visibility and usability — on which we are aknowledged experts

  • The deployment and commercial exploitation of open source software — including migration from Microsoft office solutions

  • Skills auditing, the evaluation of IT training requirements and the formulation of IT training strategy.

  •  Internet Marketing

  • Advice and research on the deployment of specific Internet technologies, e.g.:

  • Large web site maintenance

  • Web services (including XML, SOAP, etc.)

  • Thin client desktop computing, including X-terminals

  • Proxy services

  • Internet Security and Web Security

  • Financial transactions on the Web and Internet

  • Authentication and encryption

  • Firewalling, Internet Routing, Switching, Address Resolution (DNS/BIND, etc)

  • Email and messaging services (SMS, GPS, Web Fax, etc)

  • News services

  • Software for managing web or online communities and discussion lists

  • Search engines

  • Wireless networking

  • Mobile computing

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